The world’s largest, most inventive, most inclusive entertainment venue

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Uniting the active experience of a real-world venue with the innovation of best-in-class digital entertainment​​​

Active Experiences

A unique 6x6 build in Decentraland’s prime entertainment area, the venue features an open-air stage, three indoor clubs, a concept store for digital merch, a conference hall, NFT galleries and more.

Social Connections

Inspired by Starchitect Zaha Hadid's works and Steve Jobs’s Apple Park, OxArena’s architectural fluidity provides a socio-spatial manifestation that entails the conjoining forces

Creative Freedom

Music, art and technology make it all happen here.
Featuring expressive new ways for fans to show their support, the numerous rooms can be customised and adapted to organisers and artists' liking.

Cultural Innovation

With unique ways to engage audiences and elevate performances, OxArena will change the way we connect to the web3 culture online. We celebrate the full spectrum of shared human emotions.

The world’s largest, most inventive, most inclusive entertainment venue​